3 posts from month 11/2020

Hoteliers’ Chat – Navigating Through Challenging Times

https://youtu.be/uA3SZRWHTeo In this episode of Hoteliers' Chat, Hanley Chew speaks to Paul Cheah, Senior General Manager of TROVE Johor Bahru about the first course of action the management takes when it comes to navigating unprecedented times this year. 🎼 http://www.bensound.com #HoteliersChat #HotelTales #TroveJB

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Hoteliers’ Chat – Managing an Island Resort

https://youtu.be/RWUgDFQRSpg In this episode of Hoteliers' Chat series, Hanley finds out what makes an island resort successful with seasoned hotelier and Area General Manager of The Taaras Beach Spa & Resort, Pravir Mishra. Stay home, stay safe and tune in!🎼 http://www.bensound.com #HotelTales #HoteliersChat #TheTaaras

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Ben Ho

Hoteliers’ Chat – Understanding Hotel Finance

https://youtu.be/bxZSzUjhWvo "What defines a financially healthy hotel?" This week on Hoteliers' Chat series, Ben Ho, General Manager of Lexis Suites Penang tells Hanley why everybody counts in the finance department. • • • 🎼 http://www.bensound.com #HotelTales #HoteliersChat #LexisSuitesPenang

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