Hoteliers’ Chat – Communication, the inside story

The Communications department of a hotel works tirelessly behind-the-scenes to promote the image of the hotel, listen to feedback and convey clear messages. Content is carefully crafted and created by the Communications or Marketing team, but with the widespread use of social media it is now also curated from staff within the hotel with an interesting story to tell. More importantly though is their role in building and managing key relationships with internal and external stakeholders such as the government, media and guests.

In this week’s Hoteliers’ Chat, Dato Rosemarie Wee, a hotel industry Communications and Marketing expert, current Director of Community Relations, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, shares with Hanley Chew the essential practices in hospitality communication and marketing and her perspectives on fostering authentic friendship that is proven to increase customer loyalty, grow the business and make the hotel successful.

Music Credit: Bensound

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