SPACE Hospitality

Discover SPACE

We help Owners and Developers discover opportunities and full potential of hotel businesses, aligned to maximise returns on investments. The team provides a full market feasibility study, along with detailed financial analysis and latest market trends.

Flow of SPACE

It is essential to plan a design of your hotel to the flow of operations and traffic. The Technical team specialises in reviewing designs and specifications to optimise efficiency of hotel operations while complying to quality brand standards. The importance of flow in space planning not only impacts efficiency of operations, but also on cost

SPACE Management

Management of SPACE comprises hotel pre-opening or take-over services; and post-opening & owner representation. In Hotel Pre-Opening, we focus on the readiness of the business to the public. While in post-opening, we support the Hotel Owners to meet sustainable profits via providing management advisory services for daily hotel operations.

The First SPACE Project

We are embarking on an exciting and trendy social hotel project to meet the latest demands of travellers. Hotel Tales philosophy in ‘sharing’, is the basis of our first project. The concept will stimulate elements of social, fun and inspiring theme.